Snoezelen is defined as the awakening of the senses through sensory experience. It is the recreation of real life moments for different people.

Snoezelen is a concept that is closely linked with the environment, characterized by being multi-sensory. So Handycat Multisensory Space is the ideal environment for developing the Snoezelen activity.

Since its origin it has become another way to address the disabled person, with very positive developments through the relaxation and stimulation of the senses. In recent years, has become a fundamental tool in the service of therapists and assistants in the world of disability.

Although in its infancy Snoezelen approach focused on people with severe disabilities, more and more studies show that multi-sensory stimulation rooms are an excellent solution that provide welfare and development of a wide range of people. However, the benefits are especially noticeable when it comes to people suffering from stress or anxiety, people with intellectual disabilities, physical or sensory impairment, people with mental health problems, dementia and many more.

A little history…

The Snoezelen concept was born in the 70s in the Netherlands in order to provide enjoyable sensory experiences by stimulating the primary senses. This activity was done without intellectual activity and in an atmosphere of trust and relaxation.

Initially Snoezelen was introduced as an intervention for people with learning difficulties, based on the difficulties faced by these people to explore their environment, which prevents them from having adequate sensory stimulation. Today there are more and more groups to which therapy has expanded, including people working under stress or anyone who needs a few minutes of relaxation or escape.

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