Advice, study and design of multisensory spaces

Each Handycat Multisensory Space has its own identity and uniqueness, depending on the profile of people who will use it, whether children, elderly, people with mental encumbrances, physical or sensory, or healthy people under stress. See here some of our projects.

The multi-sensory space design, the selection of elements incorporated, and its location are key aspects in creating a proper multi-sensory space. Proper selection and distribution of all elements within the multisensory room will improve the user experience and facilitate the work of the professionals in the room. At Handycat we work to adapt our elements in a functional way, creating comfortable open spaces.

Nine reasons to trust Handycat

  1. The largest experience in the industry

  2. Over 300 operational multisensory spaces

  3. Over 300 satisfied customers

  4. Training with the best experts in Snoezelen

  5. Exclusive agreement with our suppliers

  6. Elements specifically designed and have been tested 100% in our facilities

  7. We are the only ones that promote research

  8. Handycat is a company that is financially sound

  9. Illusion to face new challenges and projects

Ask here for more information and advice to create your multisensory room.

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