Multisensory spaces

Handycat is the leading company in Spain in creation, design and installation of multi-sensory spaces, also known as Snoezelen spaces. Handycat were the first to market a multi-sensory stimulation room in our country.

Today we have over 15 years of industry experience and have completed over 300 projects in schools, special education, mental health centers, elderly homes, hospitals, pain clinics and companies.

Our long experience enables us to design the solution that best suits your needs. We address all phases of your project: study and design of multi-sensory room or classroom, selection and adaptation of materials, installation and maintenance of equipment and training of people who actually use the room in coordination with the schools most prestigious European multi-sensory stimulation.

What is a multisensory or Snoezelen room? For whom?

The multisensory room is a place that gives the person a global state of calm, emotional and an awakening of their senses. Also known as multi-sensory rooms or rooms are the ideal context for applying the concept Snoezelen.

The multisensory room is a resource especially useful in places where persons with physical affectations, mental or sensory impairments, people with learning difficulties or simply healthy people under stress. Working within the room by a trained professional allows the person to relax, develop autocontrol and self confidence, promotes learning, encourages communication and helps to increase wellbeing.

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